Feedback on HTML character code site

Dear Campers,
I am looking for feedback about this app which generates HTML character codes. Let me know how it displays in your browser and mobile devices. Any suggestions on how to improve are welcome.

HTML code generator


Hey @nibble,
I checked in Chrome and in Firefox for desktop and mobile devices and it looks great :slight_smile:

My only feedback as a user I would like to have the menu in mobile a bit bigger (it is a bit difficult to read all the nice sections you inserted)

Good job and really useful,
Happy Coding :man_technologist:

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Thanks for the feedback. I am trying to figure out how to make the menu look better. The only challenge is there are many menu items.

Yeah, I noticed it,
maybe you could do something like a list menu for mobile and trying to group some of these links into categories. and then expand these categories when the user clicks on them, but this is just an idea, I am pretty sure you will do something really nice as you already did :slight_smile:

Happy Coding :man_technologist:

I am wondering what this thing is for…

great job on the style.

Those are codes for displaying characters (which are not on your keyboard) in your HTML document

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Wow! Very useful and sound design as well.

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Great job! Couple suggestions for making it a hero project:

  1. Implement search
  2. Implement copy to clipboard on click
  3. Remove “All rights reserved” clause, as there is no copyrighted content on the page
    *if don’t want people to use your code it shall be included in source code file as a comment at the top and not on the page

Thanks for the feedback. I really do appreciate.

Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely implement the features you have suggested with time. I have thought about search as well but I didn’t know how to implement it then.

Regarding copyright :grinning:.
I don’t even know what the phrase “all rights reserved” legally means. I include it in almost all my projects just for fun and because the majority of sites I have seen have the “copyright, all rights reserved” phrase at the bottom. Thanks for pointing out the meaning.

Otherwise this is just a learning project to help me improve my JavaScript skills.