Feedback on Landing Page!

Hello! I would love some feedback on my company landing page project. I tried to make it very responsive. Let me know if anything doesn’t look right, plus any other suggestions. Thanks!! :grin:
**I am aware that the nav links need to be collapsed. I will add this functionality with JavaScript.

Note: I believe there is a bug that breaks ‘100vh’ on mobile (which I use often), so I would suggest viewing on a desktop.


Nice design bro :100:

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Good job. It is fully responsive and looks good.

You’re right. Your navigation have to be collapsed: hamburger or any other way to make it will be great.

I prefer to center a subheaders at mobile viewports.

At mobile viewports line-height have to be a little bigger.

And make your video frame 100% width on mobile viewports. The same thing with your form.


And your logo didn’t upload.

But without my suggestions above you did a great work.

I really like your “OPTIONS” block. Looks neat.


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