Feedback on My AutoRental Landing Page

Hello there.
Finally, I finished my landing page project for freeCodeCamp web responsive project.
This time, I believe I improve a lot in term of design thou there is still so many many things that should be improved. Here is the link to the project

My AutoRental Landing Page

I hope for your honest feedback about my landing page. Especially in optimization and responsiveness (this is where I have the troubles the most since I hard-coded the code most of the time)

Thanks in advance.

Love the concept and color palette. The page is almost completely responsive barring a few minor problems.
On gradually reducing the browser width a horizontal scroll bar appears around 525px, which stays till about 415px. This is due to the non-responsiveness of the email input element. Adding a media query targeting the email element should correct this.
Also at around 770px the header changes form, but it covers the home section, it remains this way then onward. Adding a media query giving a margin-top property to the home section should solve this.
At around 360px the horizontal scroll bar pops up again, this time due to an unresponsive video element. This can also be fixed using a media query.
Hope this helps.