Feedback on my beginner js tutorial

Thanks in advance!

Javascript Project for Beginners - Rock, Paper, Scissors


It’s quick paced with good explanation, good quality audio and no rambling (my biggest pet peeve)… there aren’t really any pointers I can give you because the videos are perfect the way they are.

Thank you that was really helpful. I like that you didn’t use JQuery. I hope you make more!

good :slight_smile:This text will be blurred

Thanks! Anything specific you’d like me to do videos on?

I though it was interesting when you put a function in an object. I hadn’t seen that before (I’m only a couple weeks in). It’d be nice to see more of that type of stuff. Sometimes I understand something, but don’t really know how to use it. It’s nice to see someone that’s more advanced code and to see their thought process.

For some reason exercise three ends at 4:15 when the videos is almost 10 minutes long.

Anyways thanks for the videos!