Feedback on my calculator project

I just finished the calculator project and was wondering if anybody had some feedback for me, anything is appreciated. Im thinking I made the button layout part more complicated than it had to maybe? Here is the link to it on codepen:

0-1 * -5 = -6??? why? should be 5

1 * -6 = -5 ??? why ? should be -6

99 * -2 = 97 ??? …and so on
Curious if you can sort this out.

Design wise, I think that round buttons could do with some margin.

I think thats coming as a side affect of a project requirement

User Story #13: If 2 or more operators are entered consecutively, the operation performed should be the last operator entered.

But that would be a good thing do now that its already submitted/passed, Ill probably do something with that in the future. Ill keep the design feedback in mind too. Thanks!

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