Feedback on my Drum Machine

Looking for any feedback on my Drum Machine project.
This is the first time ever creating a react app.



Hi :slight_smile:
Well done! Your application looks good. You do have a horizontal and vertical scrollbar. You can avoid those by setting the margin attribute of the body element to 0.
I like that you use a different layout when viewing on a mobile device. Instead of using flexbox I would recommend using CSS Grid for your drumpad layout. CSS Grid is great if you want to adjust columns and rows at the same time.
Your React Components are good. There a two things that I might have done differently. But I don’t have the time right to comment on that. I might be doing that later.

Thank you so much for the feedback.
To be honest I never noticed there were scrollbars on my small projects that don’t need them, fixed them all and will remember this tip!
I used flexbox because I don’t understand css grid too well, haha, but I should… so i’ll spend this next week learning it well.
These are all things I was looking for in feedback, so thank you very much for taking your time to help me become a better coder!