Feedback on my dungeon crawler

I’m finally done with my dungeon crawler. Have no one to share it with, would like to get some feedback.


Wow! Nice! I love it! :heart_eyes:

this is fantastic! objectively better than demo project provided.

really enjoyed the play through, but i grew up on games like these, so there’s a special place in my heart for the roguelikes.

never got the lifeleech turned on… was i just not a high enough level?

only thing i would change is the health and XP fractions. it’s a little bit weird having the total on the left side of the ‘/’. but just because that’s the accepted standard. it’s yer game though and if you wanna have it the other way around, then go for it! still plays the same (which is great!)

great job! keep up the good work ^.^

Good to know somebody enjoyed it. Gotta change the numbers. As for the lifesteal, the monsters have a chance to drop items, lifesteal and double attack is one of them. They supposed to be the jackpot which makes the game significantly easier. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I played for maybe 10 minutes… Co-workers were starting to notice so I bailed. But let me say… Inspirational! Really cool implementation. I love the graphics and the interface really takes me back. I searched for this because I’m ready to start my dungeon crawler. mind if I ask you about how much time you spent on this beauty? I guess you have over 100 hours in it.

I don’t know about raw hours, but it took me about 10 days to complete, did something everyday to progress with it. First few days were trying to figure out how to do it, watching youtube, reading, and made some 16x16 pictures. There is a github repo for the page if you want to see exactly how I progressed, might not be easy to read, since I’m a beginner, tried to comment tho. If you are not familiar with redux yet, it’s gonna be a lot harder to understand but still can give you a general idea of whats happening. GL with your project.