Feedback on my first ever portfolio design

Please check out my first ever portfolio design and tell me how it looks.
Your evaluation will do much good. Here is the link darah-b studios

I like it! I like the use of colour. It’s simple, works well and does the job.

One thing you can improve on is the menu bar. I’m not sure if the menu bar is meant to be the same with as screen or centred but it’s neither on my screen. It’s has different left and right “margins”.
Another to work on is responsiveness. For example, the menu bar isn’t responsive with regards to the screen size, but most of the contents are.

I hope that helps. Well done and good luck!

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Okay. A million thanks to that observation. I’m going to make sure that is handled.

Love the unique design of the portfolio, you really put your own spin on it. One thing you could do to make it better is have smooth scrolling. This and the nav bar is the only thing I would improve. Here is a link for smooth scrolling with jQuery.

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Thanks a lot. I tried as much as possible to be natural (codded from scratch) so as to see how my own creativity can bloom.
I’m going to make sure the smooth scroll will be implemented.