Feedback on my first ever web component

Hi guys, I just recently found out about stencil.js and how powerful and easy it is to use for building web components. In order to test it out, I decided to build a simple little Freelancer widget. This little widget takes in a Freelancer’s username and displays their bio. It is very minimal at the moment, and I’d love to extend it, but just wanted to get some feedback first.

The biggest question is, how should I handle different sets of data, for example when a username or description is really long. When that happens it’s breaks the layout, so I’m wondering what’s the best way to make this UI bulletproof based on different sets of data?

Any feedback positive or negative is warmly welcomed :slight_smile:

Is anyone actually on and would find this useful to have on their site? If so, what pieces of information would you like to be shown on the profile card?

You can customize the username and the background color via props into the web component. Should I open up more props more styles?