Feedback on my first Technical documentation page

Hello everyone
I am looking for some constructive criticism on my my first Technical documentation page so I could improve it further.
Thanks in advance !


Hi @nishanth050499,

Great work :slight_smile:

I would personally change the background-colour for your code section so that it would stand out more and increase the space around your main-doc headers to make it visually easier to distinguish between different sections.

I hope this helps and happy coding! :nerd_face:

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Hello @nishanth050499!

You have one code block that runs off the edge of the screen on smaller devices. Add white-space:pre-wrap; to the code section in your css to have the text wrap instead of continuing out of the box and off the screen.

Nice job on your project.

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I have changed it . Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions.

I have done the required changes , Thank you so much for your help and feedback

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Hi there,
i would suggest to change the weight of the font for the text , i feel that if everything is bold, is too heavy to read, and you loose hierarchy.
hope this helps, nice work!

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Hello @valentina.bacherer I really appreciate your suggestion. I will change the fonts size for better readability and to maintain hierarchy.
Thanks a lot for your valuable advice.

@nishanth050499, except for a few changes in HTML and CSS it’s almost an exact copy of the sample project. Same id and class names.
Maybe try starting with a blank page and come up with one unique for you.

@Roma hello. Yes I mostly copied the code for the technical page since it was my first time and I couldn’t make out how to lay it out it , so I thought I will first try to understand by copying and pasting the code and build on it further. Now I plan to build all my projects again from scratch and make them better and unique . Thank you so much for your feedback .