Feedback on my First Website

Hello, Campers, I just launched my first website & web development blog, If you have the time, I’d appreciate any feedback you have! Don’t hold back on any criticisms, I’m not shy. :grinning:

I still need a logo & a background image for my homepage, but I think the site in general is bug-free.

No pictures in there lol ! It’s good but use some styles and make it interactive and more user friendly . Good luck

Thanks for the feedback, @Bilalahmadcc, yeah, I do need to add some pictures. What do you mean by “making it more interactive and more user friendly”? Is there something that is unclear or hard-to-find/use? I want to fix/improve it if there’s something bad/ineffective.

Yes it is very very dull and displeasing to the eye , just change the way it looks , you must have been working hard for this I couldn’t go beyond a page ,lol, !! I choose a website which is more engaging and better finished so do others ! ( I am a noob). :wink: