Feedback on my last front end project the Simon game

Any bugs in the logic you can find? Tips or comments?

I’m still planning on going through and optimizing for mobile (clicks are tied to mouseup/ mousedown right now so that’s not working well on mobile also the design needs some responsiveness loving) but any comments outside that are greatly appreciated.

I feel like the game being one giant class is probably not a solid architecture choice, but I hadn’t really worked much with classes before it was just the only way I could think of that would take care of a set timeout bug I was having in my original design. I don’t really know how I should have split it up but it feels bloated right now.

anyway, here it is.

First thing I notice is the buttons light up and the sounds work with the power off. What is interesting, is that you do disable the buttons lighting up and sounds working once you have started a game and then click the power button again to turn it off.

Oh yeah! Good catch, I noticed that a while ago and forgot about it. I should probably write these things down as I come across them.