Feedback on my live portfolio and first real project site!

So I finally did a real world project for a relative’s business. The site is 95% finished (I just need to remove some dummy text, tweak some small things) and I want your feedback. Here is the site:

And here is my live portfolio site (also needs minor tweaks, i.e. I need to hook up the links, swap out the image placeholders with real images, etc) :

With the exception of the minor tweaks I mentioned how do the sites look? What could be improved? Please me honest and don’t be afraid I’ll get offended. I’m looking for constructive criticism.

The layouts of both sites are awesome! I don’t really have much to say about the business site, one thing I would probably fix in your portfolio is the extra space between the top and the navigation, unless you were intending to fill it with some kind of logo.

In the first 10 seconds of viewing the site, I found two problems. Since you are only display a very small photo with each services offered on the home page, you need to manually resize the photos to down closer to the dimensions you want them to be. Currently, the size of two of the photos are as follows:
mower.jpg (4.1 MB)

shed.jpg (639 KB)

You used:

width="140" height="140"

as attributes of the img tag of each of the photos, but the browser still downloads those huge files before resizing on the page.

Even the deck project photo could be shrunk, even though it is only 69.6 KB. Just use Photoshop or any other graphics manipulation software out there to resize them.

The same thing goes for the photos on the Portfolios page. Some of those are over 500 KB each. If you do not change the size of these, a site visitor with a slow internet connection will see the text way before the images load. In general, it slows the overall loading of the page the first time it is visited After the first visit, the images are stored in the browser’s cache, so they would load almost instantly.

Thanks for pointing that out. I definitely need to fix that.