Feedback on my new Portfolio Page

I’ve been learning to code since last July and have completed a couple of projects as well as a portfolio page and finally feel comfortable/confident enough to share them and receive some feedback! If you don’t mind taking a peek at my page below and supplying me with some feedback I’d be greatly appreciative!

See it here!

I’m hoping to start applying to a few jobs soon and will use this as my legitimate page to direct potential employers to. I have a few more projects in the works but want to get going on applying to jobs as I know it can be a long process.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Your portfolio looks so good! Awesome work.
keep up.

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It does look nice, good work there. There are some issues though.

Weather app:

  • When you increase the text size the formatting starts to fall apart. Using FF, go to the View->Zoom menu and activate ‘Zoom Text Only’. Hold down the Ctrl key and scroll your middle mouse wheel to increase the text size. It won’t take long until you see the issue. You can’t assume what text size the user will be viewing your page with and need to make sure it can handle all sizes.
  • While the text size is big, narrow your browser window and you’ll see the h1 is cut off
  • I think I expect to be able to hit the Return key after entering a zip code and have the weather show up (i.e. not be forced to click on the ‘Let’s see it!’ button)
  • You don’t have a <label> for your input

Credit Card app:

  • When I shorten the browser window I do not get a vertical scroll bar
  • You have <label> tags but they are not implemented correctly

There are a few other minor accessibility issues as well. I would suggest you add a few accessibility extensions to your browser and run them on your pages.

Thank you a ton for your feedback!

In regards to the text size, how do I go about making sure everything works when the user changes the sizing?

I was thinking about the enter button today. Will definitely implement that.

Do you have any accessibility extensions in particular you like using? Accessibility is certainly something I need to take into more account of.

Thanks again for the feedback, I seriously appreciate it!

Looks big, bright and cheery! Nice work!

For each project button, add another button ‘View on GitHub’ and link to the project’s repo. Make sure your repo has a file with details on how you made the project.

Cool credit card effect. Make sure to use a CSS cursor: pointer property on the submit button.

For the weather app, why not focus and select the input for us with javascript This way we can start typing and don’t need to grab the mouse to select the input field. Also put your <input> inside a <form> tag so we can just hit ‘Return’ after filling in the input field. These changes mean we don’t have to use the mouse at all.

Awesome, I’ll definitely make those changes. Thanks for your help!!