Feedback on my portfolio 0

Here’s my second attempt (scrapped the first) at my Personal Portfolio. I intentionally rebuilt the design of the sample portfolio, for the most part.

The only issues I’m having are that I haven’t figured out the border gradients and my navbar doesn’t work properly on any iOS web browser (Safari/Chrome). I plan to continue tinkering with both issues.

Any feedback is welcome!

My Portfolio

Hi! I pretty like your portfolio page. In my opinion, on small devices, your about img is too big, and the portfolio items should be clickable, at least to bring to a fullscreen preview. If your issue with the navbar on mobile devices is that it hide a part of the sctions’ headings, you can fix it just changing in your javascript code $('html, body').animate({scrollTop: target.offset().top}, 1000); with $('html, body').animate({scrollTop: target.offset().top -30}, 1000);.
I would try to help you with gradient-borders, but I haven’t understood on what element do you want to put them, nor the issue that you met.