Feedback on my Portfolio / Blog website?

I have been working very hard on my portfolio website, and I would really appreciate some feedback and constructive criticism. The website is live online at and the code is on my GitHub too.

Since I’m still just learning JavaScript, I don’t have very many finished apps to display in the portfolio section yet, so instead I just filled it with a lot of my artwork from the past. Once I work through FCC’s code challenges and build some JavaScript apps, I’ll display them on my site as well.

I didn’t use bootstrap because I personally just don’t care for it very much.
I just wrote everything in plain ol’ vanilla HTML and CSS in my text editor, using @media queries to make the site responsive. There’s just a bit of jQuery for some UI elements too.

I did use Jekyll as a static site generator so that I could re-use my HTML templates for each page (saves so much time!) Jekyll is great for making blogs, so I decided to implement a blogging feature on the website as well. As I learn something new about code, I like to write an article about it and post it to the blog to document my learning journey.

Anyway, if anybody has any feedback or suggestions on how I could make the site better, please let me know!

Thanks! :slight_smile: