Feedback on my portfolio page please

Hi. I completed the first version of my portfolio page and would like some feedback. I am new to web development and I joined at the beginning of the month. Any feedback is welcome. Here’s the link to my portfolio page:

Thank you!

I’m glad to hear that you are jumping into the web development pond. Good job getting the navigation working; that can be a tricky one. However, for me the font and the color are difficult to read.

I feel that the horizontal rules are a little confusing. I feels like they are being used as separators for the sections, but also separators of projects within the ‘Current Projects’ section. You may consider choosing to have them as either section dividers or page dividers, but not both.

You may wish to move the ‘Made by’ info to the copyright section, since it is you (and not portfolio) who who is claiming copyrights.

I think that this is a good first draft and you have a good foundation from which to build.

Good work!

Thanks for your kind feedback, Sceadgugenga! It’s spot on. Very helpful! I plan to use your suggestions.

Thanks, again!

The content does what it says on the tin but mabye you could round the edges of slightly with border radius

Thanks for your comments, jonothecoder! I appreciate it.