Feedback on my Portfolio Page Project

I just finished the Responsive Web Design Cert and I’d love to get some feedback from others.

Here’s the Personal Portfolio Page. The other projects are linked in the project section. Let me know what you think . Thanks!


Hey @LaurenWebDev!

Great job on your projects!

Just a couple of suggestions. For your landing page , the scroll function worked well for the navbar but when I clicked on your call to action button it didn’t have the smooth scroll effect. So maybe you could make some tweeks to the javascript code. Or you could set the smooth scroll in your css section instead .

html {

For the tribute page, the main text seemed a little close together for me. Some maybe that could be spaced out a little more.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

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Thanks for your feedback! I didn’t know there was a smooth scroll css property. I’ll look into your suggestions.