Feedback on my Portfolio please 😁 😁

I left my portfolio unfinished, so it’s my last project before getting the front-end certificate.
I hope all the text below isn’t putting you off :laughing:

Portfolio Paolo Di Bello
Complete Website

CodePen Pens:
Portfolio Homepage Paolo Di Bello
Portfolio Projects Paolo Di Bello

I don’t care if you’re a beginner as well, a helping hand is always appreciated.
I was thinking about adding bootstrap tooltips on each programming language to give more detail about how I’ve learned them and how good I know them. I wanted to create something different from the usual portfolio (I don’t know it is a good idea after all the effort I put into it).

The code is so messy but at least I have an idea of how I want my website to look like (not sure about that though). I’ll probably re-write it using a different framework. I really need a feedback from you guys, it feels like I’ve messed everything up because I wanted to do it my way and there are a bunch of bad practices in the code.

The page I’ve been working on the most is the one in which I show my projects, I could have just put some images of the projects and by clicking one of them they would been redirected to the pen. But what if they also wanted to get more info about the project? In the projects page, I describe what each website is about and I’ll also be giving them details about what I’ve learned from the project.

I could still possibly add the images on the homepage and if they wanted more details they would be redirected to the projects page.

In another section, I’ll be also explaining why I didn’t include all the projects I’ve made in all the programming languages and framework I know.
I’ll also have to redo some projects I’ve been doing as a beginner, they look really bad especially if they weren’t copied (I don’t mean copy and paste) from someone else.

More projects coming soon.

Both feedback about the design and the code are welcome.
I know I don’t deserve the front-end certificate but I am working my way out to deserve it, hopefully, I’ll get good enough someday. :relieved: :relieved:

It’s been 2 weeks since the last time and my project still doesn’t look that good.
Ok, I should stop comparing my project with the ones of the others SMH.

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Hello! Good job, but here are some things you could improve:

  1. There is no a Japanese flag in the “languages” block. Try to add it.
  2. You could improve your design by centering “languages” , "Contact"and “About Me” blocks. The same goes for everything that is under “Abilities/Skills”. You know, the less white space you leave, the better your overall design is.

Keep it up! I hope that helps! :+1::wink:

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Just centering the blocks wouldn’t look good either, I’ll try to increase the font.

Usually I don’t like the ‘what I know’ section, but in this case you managed to make it attractive ( at least in my opinion) so gj! Maybe word / excel might be considered as standard knowledge ( unless a very professional level) ?

A couple of minor things:

  • I find the 'contact form (which works perfectly) is not in the right position: you have Home / Projects which are used to navigate through the site, and so I would expect the Contact link in the middle. The fact it’s a modal is not bad, just…unexpected, if you know what I mean ^^
  • About the address - you didn’t specified the city : is that done on purpose?
  • the ‘Hire me’ link doesn’t works ^^
  • About the projects ( a issue not that minor ) - you have to change page ( the advise ‘Click here to see my project’ have not a great visual impact ); once there you have to research for them - and that is a thing I don’t like. If you want to implement that kind of categorization I think is better to use a ‘filter logic’ - you see all of the project ( or the best selection, or the latest or whatever) and then you filter to see only the one you’re interested in ( e.g. i’m looking for an angular project and I can see very fast what you’ve built with that framework )
  • I don’t know if bootstrap provide a tag element: if that it would be cool to see what project is linked to what keyword

Overall I think you should give more importance to your projects, besides that I consider it a good work!

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I was thinking about changing my webpage to look like this

I like very much the idea of a filter. I couldn’t wrap my head around of a better idea to show my projects, your idea looks interesting, I’ll definitively try to implement it into my projects page.

About your points:

  • Do you mean I should change the order to Home Projects and Contact?
  • I could add a new page for Contact or remove it completely.
  • I could remove the anchor tag from Hire or add something.

Do you mean I should change the order to Home Projects and Contact?

It’s up to you^^ If you have the same feeling you can move the contact link on the right maybe, or bottom … just not in the middle of two navigator buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

I could add a new page for Contact or remove it completely.

I like the modal, is just the link to it that I considered misplaced

I could remove the anchor tag from Hire or add something.

Well, you trigger that modal with ‘Contact’, ‘Send me an email’… never two without three! :smile:

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I like the bright colored atmosphere. Maybe you could bring some hierarchy to the skills, by making those big that you are most proficient in and those smaller that you don’t know so well. Maybe even leave out some, because it’s quite a lot. Unless you are a remarkable expert in Excel or Word … people will assume you can handle them :wink: