Feedback on my portfolio website as Frontend Dev

Hi!! I would really appreciate some feedback on my website either on design or code, it is built with Wordpress, I’m just starting as front-end developer & web designer. I have some ideas also for the future like sharing some large reference snippets of code I put toghether and I regulary consult, but that’s another topic :slight_smile:
Link to my website
and I always ask this : which mode do you like more : light with red version or dark and blue? Have a nice weekend!!!


HI @Snippet !

I think your page looks great!

The design looks professional, clean and it is responsive.


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that site is pretty damn good, nice job!
I personally like dark and blue but you can even put some css variables and a button that when on click will change those variables (white wo black, black to white, red to blue etc)

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There is one little issue when using the gallery - when changing the images the background is resizing:

Other than that, amazing website! I really like the “Metodología” section :slight_smile:


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Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile: :relaxed: :relaxed: :slightly_smiling_face:
Will take a look at the resizing problem thanks for reporting!!
@harel_avv I did try red and dark and frankly didn’t like it , but yeah could be any other color doens’t have to be red.

2: 1 dark vs light!!