Feedback on my portfolio website

Hello. I have completed the portfolio project but I feel that it could be better. I would appreciate some feedback on it, as I feel it lacks some of the flair that I have seen in other portfolio pages. I eventually want to use this page as a good showcase of my previous work. Also, I am wondering why the example page has a contact form, and if that is a good idea.

Here is my portfolio page:

Thanks for your feedback.


It looks good so far! I love the purple color scheme, and the responsiveness on mouseover for the projects and social media icons is nice.

As for flair, I see what you are saying but am not personally completely sure how to improve that. Maybe a background for the body of the page that’s not white? Or flashier fonts for the headings?


PS - yay board games! :slight_smile:

Hi there @eliotn

I’m not sure what you mean by “flair,” but I have noticed that other users have used Bootstrap for their main framework. Essentially, they made each section a separate page with a different background color (and sometimes background images).

While Bootstrap’s not required, I would suggest adding a welcome header instead of jumping right into the “About Me” section. Speaking of that “About Me” section, it is not aligned with the rest of the Headers on your page. I suggest you try to center-align that text. You may also want to center-align your portfolio images. Finally, your Footer Linkedin and Github account icons are right on top of the Footer text. Just separate those with a line break or some spaces and your solid.

For kicks, why not try to add a background image or color to spice a section up?

Overall, it’s a great project with lots of little tweaks you can work on to perfect your coding!

Thanks for the feedback. I thought the suggestions were good and implemented most of them. Except I am not sure what you mean by a welcome header, could you point to an example please?


Hello Eliotn,

Your page looks good to me, what I feel it is very clean and also when I am clicking each button it takes to exact section. But I just started to learn web programming so I am not a good critic. Since I am also learning from the fellow campers I was seeing your code. I saw you using a lot of different css classes (data-sticky-container, data-sticky, stack-for-small etc). Could you please tell where do you find these classes ? To be more specific how to know about these classes and their usage? Are there some open source links ?

I used foundation instead of bootstrap for my framework, which is probably where you are seeing a lot of unfamiliar classes. contains the documentation. I would look at the following sections to start:

The rest of my css classes are in the site itself.

Great !!! Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I meant instead of jumping right into the “About Me” section, adding a section above that saying what the page is. Like a Title Header.

Just checked out the updates on the page. It looks great!