Feedback on my Portfolio would be nice


I am completely new to your community and really like the way you help each other. I created a Portfolio with HTML,CSS and Javscript 2 Months ago. It would be very cool if you can give me feedback.

I know, my Portfolio is in German but I just want to focues on the technical part :wink:

My main goal is to land a frontend dev job but I feel a little bit stucked at the moment. Should I continue with JS or move on to a Framework like Angular or React?


Hello. Your portfolio is awesome. I donโ€™t know so much about UI/UX but I can tell a little for your page. You can make symmetric your navbar. I mean itโ€™s top and bottom margin. I guess it would be more attractive :slight_smile: You can also beautify your about tab. Frames in there little old fashioned I think :slight_smile:
The projects tab looks good to me so far. But the text in the up the left corner is a little annoying. And lastly, the form in the contact section. There is disorder. The colors in background and text are not suit well in my opinion, a little hard to read. And it is the most troublesome part I guess. You can use a contrast checker for that. Otherwise great portfolio. Good job :slight_smile: