Feedback on my Portfolio! :)

Hello everyone! I’ve been working on this project for what feels like forever but I’m still not very satisfied with the end result. I think it’s time to post here for some advice, and continue on with some more tutorials and lessons.

I have a few bugs that I’ve been unable to solve, probably the most obvious and troublesome one being that the navigation bar doesn’t work correctly after scrolling past the first page - the elements in my “pageTwo” and “pageThree” sections cover up the nav bar and the buttons are no longer clickable. Any advice?

I also was wondering what everyone would recommend as a next step. I’m not sure if it would be most beneficial to continue on with the freecodeacamp tutorials, or try to build a stronger foundation with HTML and CSS first, or just do a mixture of both. I’m hoping to one day work in web development and this has been the starting point of my self education.

Edit: since posting this I’ve noticed some more issues. My background image doesn’t seem to be loading, which I think may be because I’m using imgur to host it. It loads fine when I view it, but if I go into another browser or go icnognito it doesn’t load, possibly because I’ve logged out of imgur?