Feedback on my portfolio

Hi all. I would really appreciate some feedback on my portfolio. It’s not much yet but I hope to improve on it based on feedback :slight_smile:

Good start Steven. Here are some recommendations you can consider implementing

  • Put your image above the text about you

  • Separate each section by using color backgrounds instead of just a black line

  • Put the contact me and Around the Web sections on different lines and center them like everything else

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
I’ll try your suggestions


very nice! I like your portfolio a lot! I agree with ratracegrad with her suggestions. I know this is very knit picky but I would look at the submit button and maybe changing the style of it to match your social media icons. To me at least, everything looks slick, sharp, and nice.

Great suggestion, I’ll try it out. Thanks for your input!