Feedback on my Prince tribute page please!

I’m excited to have finished this first project. I’d love any feedback you can give. I just want to get better. I appreciate your time!

Like this desing, good job.


From a coding standpoint, things you might want to change:

  • In your CSS you have 2 body tags, while not technically wrong, you can combine these.

  • Consider moving in-line styles to your css file. There are a couple instances of style="color:purple" in your HTML.

  • You’re using </br> in your code, I think you meant, <br>. </br> would be used if the <br> tag required a closing tag with it.

  • Also, personally I like to give any external links the target="_blank" attribute to make them open in a new window.


And to make them open at all in codepen.

It looks good. From a purely style standpoint, I would want to center everything - when you zoom in and out, the title moves relative to everything else.

Non coding observations below that you can ignore if you want:

From a nerdy editing/proofreading standpoint, your 2nd li doesn’t tell us how many studio albums he recorded. It also seems to conflict/overlap with your last li. That last li sounds self-contradictory. Did he record 39 albums or many more? Which is it? And I might put the two _li_s dealing with record sales next to each other and the two dealing with album recording next to each other.

The song title in the quote attribution should be in title case. And album titles are traditionally italicized. And the last line, why does it start with a quote mark?

But still, a great start.

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Thank you so much! I’ll be working on it further. I appreciate your feedback.

@ksjazzguitar Thanks for both types of feedback. I’ll be incorporating your suggestions. Many thanks for your time!