Feedback on My Product Page

Hi everyone!

I’d really appreciate the feedback on my product landing page project. It’s pretty minimalistic, but I’d like to hear some opinions on the design, user experience, responsiveness, code, or anything that could have been done differently.

Here’s the link:

Looking forward to comments and suggestions :slight_smile:


I would get rid of the position: sticky on the header for mobile, it takes up a good portion of the screen on a mobile device but other than that it looks really good.

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Yeah, actually, I totally agree but because it was one of the user stories I thought that it would fail that part of the test if I changed it for mobile. Well, anyway, I tried it out now and it still passes, so thank you for reminding me about this :smiley:

And thanks for taking the time to check out my project, I appreciate it!

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You did a great job on the matching colors, but for a painting page, I’d suggest a background that is made out of a paint-like texture.

I like the fancy font you picked for it and your animations are really nice.

in front of the price, you forgot the dollar sign.

Really nice job.

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Awesome idea for the background and I had the same one when I stared out with the project but I couldn’t choose any that I liked so I gave up :sweat_smile: I agree it would look much better (this way it kind of looks a bit empty) so I’ll definitely change it if I find the right texture image.

As for the price, I have ‘USD’ after the number so I’m not sure whether I need both?

Thank you for your honest feedback! :slight_smile:

No, you do not need both. The dollar sign is used by more countries than the U.S. so specifying ‘USD’ is sufficient and there’s no need for the symbol.

Nice looking page!

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Awesome, thanks for the feedback! :smiley:


Nice work on the page :+1: The look of it fits with the product for me and code was easy to read.
Happy coding.

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I love the responsiveness a lot - although im not a fan of the large border radii and some of the fonts id like to have seen cleaner and slightly more modern. im looking for inspiration pre designing my own product page! :slight_smile: Id like to see the video viewport to match the video ratio constantly?

@tommytucker, thanks for leaving your comment! Honestly, I hardly even remember this one, I had to click the link to refresh my memory on what my page looked like :sweat_smile: But I appreciate your feedback anyway, it’s nice that you took the time to share your comments with me! :blush: And yeah, I absolutely agree with you, this was one of the first projects I’ve done and, looking back, I realize that a lot can be done to improve it (especially the video size!), but it’s just been so long that I don’t really see the point of changing the page now, plus I kind of like having it like this as a reminder of where I started on my journey :slight_smile: But in any case, this was valuable feedback and I’ll definitely take it into consideration for the future projects!

Oh and by the way, I hope my page helped you at least a tiny little bit in finding the inspiration for your own project! I would love to see it when it’s done and I’ll be happy to offer you my feedback if you want, so just message me when it’s done and I can have a look :blush: Good luck!

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