Feedback on my Project: Digital Marketing Agency Site

Hi, fellow codders!
Some months ago I decided to freelance and after some months of hard work,
I made this Digital Marketing Agency called AWebBITE.
Please comment on this site, so that I can learn and improve as a developer :grinning:.


Hey, you’ve got some issues with text size increases. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, using Firefox, go to the ‘View->Zoom’ menu and activate ‘Zoom Text Only’. Then while holding down the Ctrl key scroll your middle mouse button to increase the text size manually. It won’t take long before you start seeing issues.

I can’t find the “view->Zoom” menu . I can only see the “zoom” option in firefox hamburger menu.

Ahh, ya, it’s on the old style menu bar. Right click on the tab panel and activate ‘Menu Bar’.

Also, there are extensions you can add to Chrome and such that allow you to do text only zooming.

I’m impressed, a beautiful website with so much functionality. Little effects, especially that white line that appears when you hover or items in the navbar make it look professional.

You do use a lot of words like : " We Help Restaurants To Get More Customers by Digital Marketing" could be 'We help restaurants to get (attract) more customers." Why use the term ‘digital marketing’ ? You’re not a dictionary are you? What about “More customers and better service”.
So work on the language.

Stuff like explanations about SEO. I’ll bet most people have never heard of that.
" Rank high in Google with our SEO injection and get more potential customers on your site." could be, “Improve your ranking on google”. Isn’t that enough?
Look at it through the eyes of a customer not of a web developer. Leave out the technical mumbo jumbo.

Nevetheless this is a very beautiful website packed with goodies.

Often it’s slow and when I hit a button, I don’t always get to where I need to be, or the overlay doesn’t disappear. Especially the themes link doesn’t always work. I don’t know why exactly, but it hangs sometimes and it’s got something to do with ajax and/or the sonetelwidget because sometimes it hangs there. I hope this is not a problem in Bangladesh.

The English you use is not always 100% correct but then I don’t know a word of the language spoken in Bangladesh (don’t even know what it is). If you want I can read through it and list all of them. (just don’t be upset about them, it is really a beautiful site)



Thanks, @mientje for taking the time to review my site. I wish I could write at least half the amount of sentences you wrote to thank you!

My site is slow because I am using free hosting and can also be slow because of sonetelwidget .

I’ll fix the broken theme links and correct the English.

And by the way in Bangladesh, the English is the same as the rest of the world and we speak Bengali here . :grinning:

I’ve installed chrome extension and playing with zoom in and zoom out button. But can’t find any issues man! Can you please tell me specifically what kinds of issues you are encountering ?

Are you sure you installed the Zoom Text Only extension?

A few of the issue I am seeing as I increase the text size:

  • The content under the Website, SEO and Maintenance icons starts to flow under the red box below.
  • The content under each icon in the ‘What You Can Expect From Us’ section starts to overlap each other
  • Them menu items at the top start to break out of the black container to the right and create a horizontal scroll bar

Yeah! I’ve installed this extension. I can see these issues too. How can I fix them? I don’t have any idea how to fix them.

Welcome to the world of web development :slight_smile: I don’t mean to sound too critical here, but if you really don’t have any idea how to fix these issues then I think you need to take a step back and go over your basics again. If you intend to freelance and develop for customers then you should be able to fix these things rather easily. Actually, you should have seen these issues on your own.

Sorry, maybe I misunderstood your original post. It sounded to me like you were doing freelance work for someone and this is what you came up with. It’s not terrible, but there are a lot of issues that you should not be making if you consider yourself good enough to be freelancing. If I misunderstood and you are not doing this professionally but just learning then I apologize if I was a little rough above.

I’m not going to be able to tell you how to fix all of the issues with your page because to be honest there are quite a few. My suggestion would be to re-evaluate your CSS. Narrow your browser as far as it will go and style the page for that narrow width. This will be your base CSS. Make sure to manually increase the text size as well. After everything looks good at the narrow width then you can slowly widen your browser and find a spot in which you feel you have enough room to rearrange the page for a wider view port. You can set a CSS break point there (using min-width and ‘em’ units) and then add styling for that break point. Continue on as needed. This is what is commonly referred to as a ‘mobile first’ approach. I highly recommend it.

I would also recommend you install a few accessibility extensions (I use Axe and WAVE) and scan your page for accessibility issues. They won’t find everything but they will find obvious issues. And if you are really doing this professionally then you should be taking accessibility very seriously and going through your page with at least one screen reader and making sure that your page is completely functional with keyboard only.

Again, I apologize if I was a little rough. Hopefully I have given you enough to think about and apply to your project.

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Thanks man for taking the time to review it. Since I want to do this professionally , I will work on the things you said to improve my site.
And you weren’t rough at all man. Since I didn’t encounter these issues before , I have no idea about it and that’s why you are having second thoughts about am i taking it professionally or not!
I will work on the things you said and Thanks again :grinning: .