Feedback on my projects

Tribute page
Quoting app
Weather app
Twitch app

I forgot to post’em in timely manner, so i hope despite that i’ll get some feedback :slight_smile:

For tribute page I think its a bad idea to make your timeline spans style="display: none;" and show the info only on clicking the year. The user see first a long list of years not knowing what they mean without any further info. Also the time line is long. Try to change it to periods of time.

For the portfolio page, I would change the opacity for the navbar as the user start to scroll down because it becomes messy to read with all the context text passing under the navbar.

Quoting app is not mobile friendly. Also you should look into fadein/fadeout animation. When you get new quote i can see the new quote then it fades out then fadein again.

For the Weather app i don’t personally like very much the “infinite animated” idea. Location and temp are displayed correctly but couldn’t change the temp from C to F. Also your google maps location it does not work at least for me. I can’t see the map.

Twitch app seems ok.

Hope you take all info above as a constructive criticism.

Done, Done, Done and Done. As for google maps thingy, everything , even google maps are dependable on api provided. Sometimes it displays some Japanese town and it’s data … Don’t know what this about, but i read that’s because glitchy api provided by FCC. Sometimes, to display your location, best thing by my account, is to refresh page. Refreshing works for me …