Feedback on my Random Quote Machine project

I’ve built my first Front End Development project which is Called Random Quote Machine
I used tailwindcss and React to complete my project.

I would love to hear feedback from YOU :grin:

Link to to my project:

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I think your page looks good.

Some of the color choices are a little bright for my taste. But that is just me.

Also, you might have meant to write handleChange() instead of hundleChange().

For the later react challenges, you might consider using codesandbox instead of codepen.

Codesandbox will allow you to create multiple files and give you practice creating child components and then importing and nesting them into your parent components.

It will be easier to read instead of having hundreds of lines of code in one app.js file.
Just something to think about for the last two projects since those will be larger projects.

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Yes, you are right especially with yellow color. I will change some colors to another ones.

I thought why not to use Codesandbox? Codesandbox is easier and better than codepen. I thought before that codepen is only allowed to use. Thank you for mentioning this point.

And thank you @jwilkins.oboe for your feedback :slight_smile:

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