Feedback on my randomQuoteGenerator and localWeather!

I think it looks nice and works nice but I need feedback so here are the links
random Quote Generator :computer:

local Weather :closed_umbrella:

PS : hit me to collaborate in new exiciting not that hard projects :wink:

@ozdzamir hi, nice minimalistic design. Both are looking fine when I checked using my tablet. There is just one minor thing about the temperature… I believe the degrees symbol should be before C or F… Like, 100 degrees Celsius and not 100 Celsius degrees.

Hi there! Thanks for sharing your work, nice design!. About the quote generator I noticed that you allow people to tweet the quote in any situation. Have you considered the fact that a tweet can have maximum 140 characters? Simply keep in mind that you allow people to tweet something that is “untweetable” so you may consider something to go around this (e.g. truncate the quote, enabling the tweet link if the quote is too long etc.). This is mainly an advice for usability for users :slight_smile: Bye!

@lleander thanks for the great feddback and I am going to change that very soon:wink:

thanks for the awesome feedback laura and I will work on that I am considering making the long quotes like this “blah blah blah …blah blah blah” by ‘somebody’ :wink: