Feedback on my Responsive Web Design project

Hello guys!
I just finished my Responsive Web Design projects and I wanted to get some criticism from you.
I also want to thank the fCC for all the lessons. I feel like every project I did,I learned new skills.

Note: almost every one of them is in pt-br, because that was the audience I was aiming for the moment and because I was wasting too much time on the translation process, but I’ll get back later and translate everything to eng.

  • Tribute Page - Not responsive at all. Only desktop version. I plan to get back to it in a close future to modify some features (e.g. translate it to english and make it responsive)

  • Survey Form - Form to better understand the behavior from people on the Covid-19 quarentine. Language: pt-br.

  • Product Landing - Webpage to sell some custom fridge magnets. Language: pt-br.

  • Technical Documentation

  • Portfolio

You can check all of them on my GitHub

I will work to make my code more clean, beacause I think it’s a little messy right now.
Thanks for your time. :smile:

The portfolio looks pretty good, however, the about me section doesn’t look quite centered, at least on my 13-inch screen.

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