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Hey I am 16 years old studying in college but also working on my skills.After much research i have created this roadmap for me.If you are an industry professional,please consider giving some words about this roadmap so i can have the relaxation that i am doing the right thing.Your feedback will matter a lot as you are in the tech industry so i will be highly grateful to you, this is the roadmap note that i am dedicating 1 hour daily to learning and i cannot give more due to my studies and also self learning is difficult: This is my roadmap: Basics and Intermediate Python(6 weeks) Scripting and Automation With Python (18 weeks learning from Automate the boring stuff with python’s part 2 (automating tasks)) Advanced Python and Object Oriented Programming(8 weeks) Html css and basic Javascript(8 weeks) Intermediate Javscript and Reactjs(8 weeks) Sql with Postgresql and Git (8 weeks) Django Backend Development(12 weeks) How is this roadmap Provide feedback insights,do constructive criticism,whats wrong with it give some words about the syllabus do i need to adjust it like somthing before or after a thing I have completed the first phase and now i am in the second phase.

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HI @RelentlessMaaz !

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It looks like the actual course content is fine but you have to be careful about trying to set a number of weeks per course.

I have seen tons of people come up with detailed timelines like yours and they think through a lot of variables. But then life happens and things come up and now a course that was supposed to take 6 weeks now takes 8, or 10, 14, etc.

So my advice is not to be married to a strict timeline and just focus on building the basic skillset.

The other thing I noticed is that there are a lot courses on here but are you planning to build projects outside of these courses?
Building on your own is the best way to retain these concepts and get better as a developer.

If I were you, I would take advantage of the fact that you are young and have a lot of time to build up a good foundation.

Stay consistent with learning this material and build tons of projects along the way.

If you take that approach, then you will have a healthy starting foundation to enter into this industry as a professional and grow from there.

Otherwise, you will enter this industry with gaps in your knowledge and struggle to do the job and fill in gaps along the way.

Hope that helps


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