Feedback on my Technical Doc page

Hello everyone

I just completed the technical documentation project and I would appreciate some feedback :blush:

My project

Hey @JP2620,

congrats on your project, great job! :clap:

It’s clean and easy to read, I like it!

My ideas:

  • when I decrease the width of my browser, the text JS Documentation overflows its box
  • you can get a code validation here by pasting your HTML code into the body (without the script); you will find one recurring error regarding your header

Keep us posted and keep up the good work!

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Welcome to the forums @JP2620. Your page looks good. Something to revisit;

  • Don’t use <br> to force line breaks or spacing. That’s what CSS is for. You can nest multi-line <code> snippets in <pre> </pre> tags in HTML to preserve whitespace and line breaks. Or you could do
code {
  white-space: pre-line;

in CSS and skip the <pre> tag in HTML.

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