Feedback on my Tic Tac Toe Project

Hi everyone. Im just finishing up my TicTacToe game and I was hoping to get some feedback. I used the minimax algorithm to build the AI. I noticed that the sample codepen had a lot more features then the video description and the user stories checklist but I stuck to the checklist. For me the most difficult and interesting part of this project was implementing the algorithm.

You can look at my code here

And here is the live game:

Oh no! I just realized that my minimax algorithm is not operating correctly when the player chooses to be O. It is working fine if the player chooses X but I will have to fix this asap.

Ah, I see. I can still win the game if I play O. Good luck perfecting the AI!

Thanks for checking it out. I just fixed it. Accidentally had the AI picking moves that are best for the player when ai is X and player is O.

Your implementation of “taking turns” seems unfinished. Player can make multiple moves within a single turn. This is not strictly related to the user story but critical part of the functioning game. I hope you’ll fix it.

Thanks for bringing this up. I hadn’t noticed this. I definitely need to fix this bug. When are you able to make multiple moves? Is it at the very beginning of a game or midway into it?

On every turn of mine. To replicate the bug, just click multiple tiles before computer makes move.