Feedback on my Tribute Page for Ludwig Van Beethoven

I would greatly appreciate it if you give me some feedback. Thank you in advance.

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It’s beautiful. Great design and layout. Just a little thing about the quote: On mobile it’s really small, and kinda hard to read. Also, in general, it is laying on top of the face of the guy in the image behind it. From a design perspective, I would move the quote down because it’s competing with the image for attention.

Looks nice.

  1. I’m not sure the line animating is quite doing what you want from a UX perspective. I assume it’s a scroll indicator to let the user know they need to scroll (if it’s not, then i don’t know what it is). I think if a user needs that type of help, that line may not be good enough.

  2. The header gets pretty hard to read at the screen sizes where the hero image is behind it, not sure how best to solve that though (font color, text shadow, scale the font size down at some break point, move the hero image more to the right…etc.).

  3. I like the image quote thing, too bad the text is part of the image, that means you have no control over it. If you have the image without the text, i would add the text to the source and do the positioning and scaling yourself (give it a relatively positioned parent and use position absolute on it). That control, also gives you the ability to make it more legible in various ways.