Feedback on my tribute page for sir stephen hawking

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Thank you for choosing Sir Stephen Hawking for your tribute page!

I really like what you did with the background, and the font colors matching the stars colors. Also, the overall layout looks pretty neat.

Well done sir/madame!

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Hey @amarachan,

I like your tribute to Stephen Hawking. I have made one too.

Good to see so many links to Wikipedia. But I miss a link to Stephen Hawkings Wikipedia page. And external links should be targeted to a new window/tab with target="_blank". At least for CodePen.

The background is well-meant, but too distracting. The text is partly difficult to read. And background images look better full width/height. You can achieve this with background-size: cover;.

Keep going!

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Hey thank you @fortMaximus.

Hey that was helpful (background-size:cover; target="_blank")

thank you for your valuable suggestion @crstnio

by the way @fortMaximus iam sir :joy: not madam.