Feedback on my tribute page, please!

Hey guys! This is my first crack at my tribute page. I’ve played around a bunch. It’s not the prettiest but I feel like I learned a lot and it seems pretty much finished. If anybody has feedback or suggestions, I would love to hear them!

Nice :thumbsup:!

You have two class attributes in some of your tags. There should only be one. If you have multiple classes, separate them with a space.

class="bordered img-responsive"

For responsive pages, avoid using pixel-based values for margin / padding on the left or right. Consider percent-based values instead. Also, consider replacing width: 500px; with max-width: 500px;.

Try removing the <center> tag around the list at the bottom, then add class="center-block" to it.

On codepen, don’t forget to add target="_blank" to your <a> tags so they open in a new tab. Sometimes links don’t open in the codepen window.

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cool thank you! I will try this stuff!

Before I add everything to one class, I have question. From the tutorial, I understood that if you use bootstrap classes, they have to be in a separate class declaration.

Is this not the case?

If I got it right, you mean like class="img-responsive" class="bordered"?
All class declarations in a tag (predefined in Bootstrap or otherwise) go to the same class="" attribute.

awesome! Thanks so much. I will do this. @kevcomedia