Feedback on my tribute page, please


May I have some feedback on my tribute page? The image of Maya Angelou is a placeholder. I can’t find any photos of the actual subject. Any suggestions for a more permanent solution?

Addie Clinton Few - Tribute

Nicely done. Just a few minor suggestions:

  • The <h3> at the bottom isn’t really a heading. Headings are short labels that introduce content. What you have here is the actual content. Change it to a <p>.

  • Don’t set the font size. Some people have their default font size increased. When you set it to 16px you are basically overriding their default. There is just no reason to set a font size. You are using rem units for all the other font size changes, which is perfect. Just don’t set a default font size.

Sounds good!

Thanks for the suggestions and your time!

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