Feedback on my tribute page to Marilyn Monroe

Hi guys,

I’ve just finished the Tribute Page challenge and I’d appreciate some feedback.
Here’s the page:

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Hajni835,


  • This code is not correct (the <h2> </h3> mismatch)
<h2 class="smallertext"><em>
         Model, actress, singer and one of the most famous women of the 
twentieth century.</em></h3>  <-- here the h3
  • This code is no correct
   <br>  <-- here

The HTML element line break <br> produces a line break in text (carriage-return). It is useful for writing a poem or an address, where the division of lines is significant.
Do not use <br> to increase the gap between lines of text; use the CSS margin property or the <p> element.

  • This code is not correct (is empty)
<div class="col-md-1 col-xs-12"></div> <--here
       <div class="col-md-5 col-xs-12"><h3>Here's a time line of her life:</h3>

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:


it looks nice, better than mine I think in terms of different things you have been using.
I only started to learn anything about coding two day ago so I’m still figuring everything out.

The link to your FCC profile is not working. overrides the function so you should add target=“blank” in the anchor element.

You also didn’t include it in your link for the wiki-page, but that one does seem to work… no idea why that one does work though :slight_smile:

Please also have a look at my first project and feel free to comment. tribute page