Feedback on my very basic blog-project

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if someone with more experience than me (I’ve just started a month ago to learn HTML) could give me some constructive feedback about a little project I did which basically applies most of the concepts learned. It’s supposed to be a travel blog, but the content isn’t relevant at all since I’m focusing on the coding itself.

Here’s the link to the repository on Github :


Cool, good job.

If I may, I think that visually this could be improved. Take a look at some other blogs for ideas.

Of course, a blog would probably need a backend. It would probably need an easy way to make blog entries, so the software doesn’t need to be updated every time a new entry is needed. But of course, you may not be there yet - that’s fine, it’s just something to think about.

Still good job.

Thanks a lot for your reply! Yeah I know the styling is missing a lot. I’ve just started to learn the CSS basics and got a full lists of things that need to be redone.

About the post-entries, I will put that on my “to-check list” document :slight_smile:

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Yeah, but this is how you learn - building things. But keep structured learning on the side, at least.

Also, it is very common to use index.html as an entry point into the page, whereas here it just seems to be leftover scrap. That was a little confusing at first.

if you want to deploy yor project to have it live, for example on github pages the index.html file is what is used as main page

thanks @ieahleen and @kevinSmith for the tips! I will make the adjustment then