Feedback on my Website (portfolio)

Finally, I launched a first version of a personal website!
This is the first place I am showing this. :grin:

I didn’t use libraries, not even JavaScript. Basically only CSS.
It was really cool to do. I just added the domain:

henfs [dot] dev

In short:

  • Completed the legacy Front-end certificate in 2017.
  • Already worked in two jobs as a front-end developer.
  • Things have evolved fast and I currently work as a freelancer.
  • Currently looking for an opportunity to work remotely.


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Very nice website! It’s a sleek and modern design. I especially love the language changer, the animations behind your photo and header when you click on a new section. Your projects section is really nice too. I like how you give a description of the things you did and provide a link to them so people can see how they work.

I’m sure you’ll have great success now that you’re a freelancer. You clearly know what you’re doing!

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I love some of the animations and design choices, like the way the headings change and your icon flashes. They are really cool without being distracting. Your site looks great :+1:
I can’t view some of your old projects in your works section I get a “x frame options” warning from firefox, not sure if this a problem on my end though?

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Thank you for the kind words!

Thanks for the feedback!
I’ll check this issue on firefox. It could be something on the website.

What’s the link? I can’t see it.