Feedback on personal portfolio page (beginner)

First time every doing html and css so the webpage is very basic, which I do not mind. Are there any errors in my html or css code that I should know of and how to fix please? Also any suggestions code wise on how to make the page better looking or more efficient. Finally, how do I post this on github. I was able to export and create a gist. But if a person views my profile online, how can they check my gists. Are gists repositories?

Couple small suggestions:

  • Find a smaller background image. That sucker is more than 2MB, so it loads REALLY slow. There are smaller options out there.
  • You nav li tags are getting squeezed oddly when the browser window is below full screen. In part, I think that’s because you are forcing the li elements themselves to adjust. I might suggest removing the padding and margin from the li, and making a change to the ul:
nav > ul {
  display: flex;
  justify-content: space-around;

Simply doing that, the navigation elements will scale with the browser in a far more sane way. Not a requirement, but I do recommend getting familiar with flex and grid layouts, you will find them REALLY useful. :wink: