Feedback on personal portfolio

Hey champs!

Here is my personal website. Kindly give me feedback on where I should improve.

Thanks for your time.

personally, i love it!

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I like your portfolio overall, but there are a few things you might want to consider:

  1. The fade-in of content on scroll
  • When you scroll up or down, the fading in of your content is smooth, and I think you should definitely keep it :+1:. However, when I scroll away from some content, and then scroll back to that content, the fade-in occurs again, instead of staying there the first time. I’m not sure if that was your intention, but that might be sort of “busy” or dizzy-ing for some viewers, especially if you have a good amount of movement and animation going on already in the hero, about me, and contact sections.
  1. Live Demos
  • I see that you have the live demos linked in your Github repos, but a non-technical recruiter might not have time to navigate through everything to get to that link. I would include the demo links on your portfolio, that way they are readily available for the anyone to access.
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I really appreciate your feedback. Thanks for taking your time and effort.

On the fade-in of content, I intended to do it that way on re-scroll, but since you considered it dizzying for some viewers, I’ll change it so that animation will occur just on the first scroll.

Yeah, I’ll also add a live demo. Thanks for the suggestion.

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