Feedback on personal profile

Hello! this is my personal portfolio and for some reason, It didnt come out too nice.
Please What am I doing wrong?
Any sort of critic is SUPERWELCOME…:slight_smile:

Good start, but here are a few improvements that I can see in your code thus far:

Instead of using the ‘container’ class, use the ‘container-fluid’ class with BootStrap. See Documentation Here. This will resolve the issues that you are having with the grey background jutting out in some places.

Secondly, you do not need the Head declaration within your CodePen project, they should be defined in Settings > Stuff for < head > and you did not close this tag < /head > in your code either.

Otherwise things are looking like they are taking a good start. Let us know if we can assist with any further revisions!


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Nice pen. but, loved the styling and all. Just thinking on the contact section of the page,
looks all bottled up and too compact together with the send button. a little markup on html would give it more beauty.
all in all. Nice one and Fire keep up the Fire!!

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Thank you! I’ve edited them. But how do I edit out those white spaces please?
I want the page to be smooth- Purple header, grey-body , and purple footer…?

Thanks!..but I’m a learner. I don’t know how to do markups.
Could you please be a little specific on what to edit?