Feedback on personal project - Tax Estimator (ReactJS App)

Hi there!
All feedback (good and bad) is welcome as well as any suggestions to further develop this app.
Live version



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Hey Sebastian,

great work, I like your app! :clap:

My ideas:

  • it would be great to see which country this applies to
  • from a user perspective I think I would love to see some tooltips/questionmarks about some terms; e.g. what is a “qualifying widower”? what is the difference between “Standard Deduction” and “Itemized Deduction”; no need to explain it in-depth, maybe a link to a reputable source (government)
  • code-wise, I would love to see some more robust testing; currently you are testing for some “normal” single, single, married cases; how about negative numbers? when I input -$10,000, I see the calculation for $10,000

Looking forward to seeing your next steps!

Nice job,you did a great job,I didn’t find any fault in the app,the size,the color and every other thing is just ok, all I can say is keep up the good work :+1:t2:.(Of course I am happy)


I clicked through the app and there was one thing I would look into.

In questions that need additional details after selecting an option, for example “Do you have depenedants to claim?”, the way new fields appear seems so aggressive to me. Maybe consider adding a quick transition to make it smoother?

Thanks for suggestions! I am planning to add an icon to each field with quick explanation and link to IRS definition.
Regarding the -$10,000 input - could you tell me where did you input this value? I am not able to reproduce this issue, most likely because I misunderstood something and I would love to fix all the bugs.

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Awesome, looking forward to it!

Thanks for replying and for the screenshots!
Initially I was unable to reproduce because I made some assumptions how user enters the data. Now I see where is the issue.
Anyway this should not be allowed as negative value for wages makes no sense. I will fix that. Thanks for pointing this out!!!


I think it’s always a good idea to think about this in the sense of “Maybe the user is in a hurry and mistypes stuff”. (on the numpad the minus sign is near the 9)

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This is just a super app! Thank you very much, I use it now all the time. However, I also had a problem like this guy, I couldn’t get a result from negative numbers. But then I realized that it didn’t make sense. Now I use one of the services for calculating taxes that perfectly copes with this task. It is quite important to control the calculation of your taxes and not have problems with it. No one wants to get big fines and have errors in the numbers that lead to problems. I am sure of what I say, because my uncle had experience with the fact that he incorrectly calculated the tax and because of this received a check for a large fine. So I don’t want to follow his example

great work :clap: !! Keep it up!