Feedback on Portfolio Assgn - Basic Sewing Portfolio

Hello all, I just finished my Portfolio page - sort of. I decided to update my sewing portfolio website rather than make a coding resume page. That project is bigger than the scope of this assignment, so a lot of the page is just a placeholder for later (portfolio images should open into gallery images, contact form is not added, etc.) But it’s a nice skeleton, I hope, for my future use.

Just for fun: Here’s my horrible, horrible 2008 Yahoo site that I made and am currently using. It’s mostly abandoned with old broken things everywhere.

I am very new and still very confused so go easy on me. Thank you very much for any feedback or advice! I feel like I learned a ton with this assignment.



It looks like a great site and I enjoy the costumes. It looks like you have a good layout. You just need to adapt it to a coding portfolio.