Feedback on Portfolio page for Michael Johnson/NerdBurglur

Just wanted some feedback on my portfolio page. Thank you in advance!

I got in a bit over my head with the parallax effect but i think i worked it out. Cheers!

Link to Portfolio/CodePen :

Really nice :slight_smile: but I’m obsessed with the rendering in small screens and your portfolio has bit errors with them, in particular way with “projects” and “contacts” sections.

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Im glad you said that. That was my only negative when finishing and something i definitely plan on fixing once i get a grasp on how. To be honest i sort of got turned around and did too many foreign things at once and got to a point where i just wanted to finish it and get back to learning. Thank you for giving me a place to start looking for fixes when i jump back into it. Can you by chance elaborate (without doing it for me) on what i would need to do to make it phone/tablet ready? And Thank you very much for the nice feedback!

Yes, I know the feeling “Stop! It works, who next?” :smiley: When you want to fix this little errors you can, for example, insert each link in your list in a div with col-xs-* col-sm-* ... classes.

Happy coding!

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