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I’ve been on FCC since about 2015. I had a gig economy job which I quit last October so that I could focus more on studying. I started applying for junior dev jobs/internships earlier this year but am not having much luck.

Would appreciate feedback on my portfolio. I have no recent relevant qualifications (have a diploma in computing from 2006), so the portfolio has to do some heavy lifting.

The ‘My Services’ section has to go. I just put it in as a filler. Any ideas on other sections I might include instead? Currently working on a much larger MERN stack project, a driver theory test multiple choice question website with auth, email verification, etc and it is at a fairly advanced stage. The user can register, log in, reset password, start and complete a test and browse their results.

Right now your portfolio looks like it’s focused on learning, so I would include some info about looking for a job. i.e. “I am seeking a full stack web developer position, etc.”
The second and third paragraphs are a repetitive imo.
I would put the about section straight on the first page. If you think from the perspective of a recruiter, they want to know who you are and what you do as fast as possible, so putting your “about me” first is a good way to make a first impression.

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