Feedback on portfolio project (by Bruce)

Hi guys, Bruce here. I had just finished my portfolio project. I thought I could use some feedback on this. Any feedback is appreciated for area of improvements.

I hope I am not posting in the wrong session of this forum for this. If so please do redirect me. Thank you.



Hey Bruce,

Very slick design there. I found the scrolling to be frustrating sometimes, though, and never knew where I was heading. Perhaps some nav links would help people get to where they want to on your site much more quickly. Also, will you be adding a portfolio section?


There isn’t a whole lot going on. None of your projects were shown, and you didn’t go much into depth about yourself and what skills you know. Also, most people would not know that the icon on the second page would be a link to your resume or not.


Thank you so much for the feedback man! ahh yes I will be adding them in the future. I’m still going through the course and playing around with the initial landing page.

I see. For projects wise, I will be adding them in the future. Have to agree with you on the 2nd page too. Thank you so much for the feedback! :smiley:

transitions are slick, but content is a bit lacking. You also need some sort of header bar for quick navigation between the different sections as it’s part of the requirements to be able to navigate the website with just clicking buttons instead of having to scroll.

Take a look at bootstrap navbar for that