Feedback on Portfolio project

Hello all,

I’ve completed my portfolio project and would love to get some feedback.

Link to portfolio:


Hello! @Jlevyd15 I really like your profile, here some point of improvement:

footer :
the orange of the message icon with the yellow doesn’t really suit.

maybe a bolder font ? look a little bit sketchy or pixelated.
a little bit more of white space between the movie icon and the text.
change the hover and the active background colors of the buttons.

contact me:
Make the lets chat and about me at the same level, dunno really try to change the layout asymmetrical views usually don’t work in web dev.

car share project:
align the logos in a same line
carshare compare will be look better with a single list

movies project:
change the checkbox of watched for a icon with a closed eye :smiley:
put a hand icon next to the numbers in the likes

I like how clean your pages are, very nice!

I agree with the comment about the message icon in the footer…the orange on the yellow background doesn’t look right to me.

Doesn’t this break the “I can access all of the portfolio webpage’s content just by scrolling” rule? Maybe this isn’t for the freecodecamp project though but I think it would be better as a single page app still.

The colors also kind of burn my eyes, especially the browser tab icon.

Instead of having to click on each page for a little bit more info, I think it would be better to have those pages all on the home page separated by a hr:

You could use scrollspy to move the bar under the current section in the navbar. Also, if you do keep it as several pages, you should at least consider making the navbar look the same on the home and other pages.

I would agree that the orange you chose is a lit bit too contrasting against the white background. Also, where did that green come from on the button hovers??? Your theme is blue, orange, with black/gray highlights. Why are you adding a neon green highlight for no reason (other than to hurt my eyes)… Plus, your media icons in the footer are all different colors (black, white, orange on hover, etc.)! Stick with one color for each and have a more uniform background color on hover to make your theme seem uniform.

But to put the critique away, your page is fabulous other than those things. I like the simple white background and clean look. I like your navbar on the home page in the middle. I like almost everything about it, just the extra pages and colors. The colors theme is fine, just try to find some that are a little less “neon” or “obnoxious”, and use ones that are easier too look at and add to the page not take focus away from it.